Social Post

Launch social media recruitment campaigns that attract and engage.

How It Works

With a Social Post, we'll make your job visually impactful and share-worthy. We'll create the content and strategy to help circulate your opportunity, generate referrals, and reach passive candidates. ...and with visual Dynamic Job Descriptions as landing pages, candidates can explore your jobs and company better and faster than with traditional job postings.

1. Submit Content

A dedicated consultant will work with you to gather images, videos, and all relevant content to promote your company and job opportunities.

2. Approve Materials

We'll create a Featured Employer Profile, Dynamic Job Descriptions, and custom social media posts for each campaign and social channel.

3. Post!

Your dedicated consultant will help craft the captions, calls-to-action, and hashtags to maximize each campaign's exposure and engagement.

Get Started

Why use social media for recruiting?

Effective talent sourcing requires the ability to find and attract potential candidates. Unlike job boards, social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide a captive community and far better content flexibility to engage with potential candidates and referral sources.

Social Post Features

Dedicated Consultant
Featured Employer Profile Page
Custom-Designed Social Media Posts
Referral & Sharing Strategy
Content Writing (optional)
Automated Smart-Screening (optional)
Telephone Screening (optional)

AGENCIES: Promote your clients and your company with our co-branding, revenue sharing, and custom domain options.

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