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Featured EMployer Profile

Enhance your employer brand footprint with a visually engaging Featured Employer Profile. Recruiting today requires transparency, and visual recruitment marketing is the best way to successfully engage talent through mobile and social channels. Share your company culture and provide the information that candidates are seeking with a custom, interactive employer profile.

Company Branding
Flexible Content Options
Image Gallery
Employer Research Links
Social Media
Mobile & Shareable
JobVu Local Listing
Share your company culture!
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Dynamic Job Description

Dynamic Job Descriptions bring your jobs to life. Optimized to attract and engage with rich media and built-in employer research options, Dynamic Job Descriptions are designed for referral generation, social media sharing, and mobile viewing. Learn more and launch a Dynamic Job Description.

Standalone Job Pages
Company Branding
Video Options
Designed For Social Sharing
Flexible Call-To-Actions
Highlighted Salary & Benefits
Employer Research Links
Social Media
Promote a job!
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AGENCIES: Co-Branding is available to promote your clients and your business.

Social Post

Instantly extend the reach of your recruitment initiatives with a Social Post. A dedicated recruitment partner will create custom social media-friendly Dynamic Job Descriptions, design eye-catching posts for each social media channel, craft the perfect messages and calls-to-action, research target audiences and social accounts, and provide the optimal distribution strategies for your jobs.

Dedicated Consultant
Featured Employer Profile Page
Dynamic Job Descriptions
Custom-Designed Social Media Posts
Referral & Sharing Strategy
Content Writing (optional)
Automated Smart-Screening (optional)
Telephone Screening (optional)
Social Media Recruiter
Launch a social media recruitment campaign!
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Additional Services & Solutions

We're here to support your creative recruitment needs. We provide custom-designed solutions for recruitment, career websites, event promotions, screening tools, private candidate portals, and more. Need a custom solution to promote your employer brand, career opportunities, or events? Contact us today!

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