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Showcasing your jobs, your company, your community, and your brand with interactive promotional pages and full-featured recruitment website solutions.

Job Explorer

A Job Explorer is a multidimensional job promotional tool that allows recruiters to showcase an opportunity in a much more comprehensive format. A Job Explorer is more than a job description. It's designed for modern candidates and content consumers. It's visual, shareable, and made for mobile viewing.

Job Explorers include multiple layers of visual content to promote the job, the employer, the location, and the employer brand reputation. All neatly contained on a single, shareable URL.
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EVent Promo

Launch fully-branded promotional pages for career events, job fairs, referral initiatives, or announcements. Event Promos are designed to capture information or drive visitors to your call-to-action. Add videos, slideshows, and social media integration for maximum impact and shareability.

We can also build custom-designed, interactive landing pages for any type of promotion or lead-capturing initiative.

Standalone Solution

Dynamic Sub-Site

A Sub-Site is a custom-designed, complementary website that resides on a subdomain of your primary website, such as or A custom Sub-Site includes a content management system, and serves as a dynamic content engine for job pages, promotional pages, talent profiles, and blog posts.

About Standalone solutions
Standalone Solution

Agency Website

For recruitment firms and staffing agencies: a modern, high-end website designed with all the robust functionality to promote your company, jobs, talent, and more. A standalone website solution includes a content management system and enterprise-grade managed hosting.


Candidate Visit Portal

Visit portals are designed to provide a personalized experience for specific candidates. While centralizing content such as interview agendas & bios, travel itineraries, welcome videos, location information, and contacts, visit portals are ideal for recruitment of executives, physicians, or any high-touch role. Candidate visit portals are password-protected and fully-branded for your organization

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Value Proposition

Your On-Demand Creative Partner



Today, job seekers expect visually impactful, engaging content that can be easily viewed and shared on mobile devices. Your candidates' experiences are what define your employer brand.



Our on-demand and custom solutions are beautifully designed to showcase your organization and opportunities to the fullest. More content, more transparency, and smooth user experience ensure a high-end presentation and better engagement with your audience.



Take control of your recruitment marketing and advertising without having to rely on traditional creative agencies or internal technical resources. From on-demand branded pages to custom-built solutions, JobVu is your creative recruiting partner.



With expertise in talent acquisition and executive search, we understand your challenges and can provide the right support to enhance your recruiting efforts. Ask about our personalized consulting services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Simply complete the Getting Started form and tell us about your needs. We'll answer your questions, provide detailed pricing, and launch your branded solution as soon as possible.

What is the best solution for me?

Job Explorers are ideal for showcasing your opportunities and providing an impactful candidate experience. If you are interested in managing your own content, a Sub-Site is an excellent complement to your current website. We also provide Event Promo pages, password-protected, private portals, and custom website solutions for agencies.

What is the cost?

Pricing is determined by set-up time, customization requirements, and (for standalone solutions) design time. Job Explorer job slots can be purchased individually or in discounted packages.

What if I need help with content?

We are recruitment experts. We can help you craft compelling messages to articulate the essence of the job and culture. We can also create, obtain, or edit visual content to better promote your employer brand and opportunities.

What is a Standalone Solution?

A standalone solution is one that is hosted separate from, utilizing your own domain name. Standalone solutions include a powerful, easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System), and include enterprise-grade managed hosting. Learn more about the benefits of Dynamic Standalone Solutions.

How do I make changes to my page or web solution?

Job Explorers and Event Promos are customized during the initial set up of your account. Jobs can be added and archived on-demand, by request. Standalone solutions include content management access for your users to control the content.

How do I get my organization listed on JobVu Local?

That's easy. Just get in touch. Visual employer profiles on your community page are currently FREE!

What consulting services do you offer?

In addition to managing your visual recruitment campaigns with Job Explorers, custom designed social media posts, and individualized screening questionnaires, we also provide professional telephone screening services, on-demand. Get in touch to learn more.

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