Dynamic Job Descriptions

Shareable, visual, and personal: Job descriptions that recruit for you.

What makes a great job description?

Attracting and engaging talent starts with the public posting. How do you present your jobs? Transform boring job descriptions into memorable candidate experiences with . Get Started

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Video makes an immediate impact. It engages your candidates, demonstrates transparency, and gives a peek inside your workplace.


Showing, rather than describing your company culture, is easier and more authentic. Candidates want to see what it's like to be part of your team.

Compelling Information

Responsibilities and requirements are necessary, but what is your value proposition? Market to candidates like you market to customers.


Y our candidates are using mobile devices. It's important to make a big impression in a small space. A smart mobile-format is essential for job promotion.

Perfect Job Description


The job description is a recruitment tool, not just an ad. It should be designed for networking, sharing, and generating referrals.

Call To Action

Great job descriptions encourage action and make it easy to apply, forward, follow, and share on social media.


Though not required, including salary and benefits information in the job description increases engagement dramatically. Candidates are attracted to transparency.

Employer Research

Savvy job seekers thoroughly research prospective employers. Including quick access to your company profiles on employer research sites helps promote your employer brand and ensure a positive candidate experience.

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