What is a Job Explorer?

What is a Job Explorer?

Why Your Job Content Matters

Content is everywhere. We're surrounded by information at all times. It's changed how we interact in just about every aspect of life, including employment processes. How we get information—How we share information—How we analyze information to make decisions—How we consume content. This is the world that Marketers live in, and these are the keys to connecting with today's talent.

So, What Is A Job Explorer?

A Job Explorer is a fully-branded, interactive promotional page designed to showcase, not only the position, but also the organization, the community, and the overall employer brand reputation.


First and foremost, A Job Explorer is visual. It allows the candidate to get a peek inside and a genuine feel for the people, the community, and the culture. Along with company branding—image slideshows, videos, and welcome messages can make a powerful impact. Job Explorers are easy to navigate and mobile-responsive.


Job Explorers are multidimensional and built for sharing. Each includes four layers of content to visually promote the job, the employer, the location, and the employer brand reputation. All neatly packaged in a single URL that is mobile-friendly and made to circulate with candidates or share on social media—unlike job descriptions or static job postings.


Today's savvy job seekers explore career opportunities in much the same way that they might explore products or services. They will research and network to learn everything they can about an employer. A Job Explorer includes quick access to the employer profiles on all of the leading employer branding and research websites.


With a Job Explorer, recruiters can control how to direct candidates. The call-to-action can be customized to send candidates to an application, an email address, or to a custom smart form for screening or redirection, based on the candidate responses.


Making the right employment match is challenging, whether you're the talent or the recruiter. Job Explorers are built to share more and showcase a bigger picture. They allow recruiters to provide more information more quickly, and encourage networking. They're also ideal for circulating with passive candidates for hard-to-fill vacancies.

Engage top talent, make an impact, and provide a better, more comprehensive candidate experience.

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