5 Ways to Kickstart Your Referral Recruiting

5 Ways to Kickstart Your Referral Recruiting

As a recruiter, you know how valuable a good referral is. Referrals are often lower-risk hires. They likely have a head start on understanding your company culture. They are usually discovered and hired faster. And of course, they save a lot of recruitment dollars.

If your company is focusing its efforts on referral recruitment, here are a few tips.

Establish a formal process

You have a process for every new job. Receive the req—post the job—advertise the posting—screen the candidates, etc. A referral mechanism needs to be an automatic part of your process. Should every job be shared on social media, or pushed out to your employees, or emailed to a specific group? That may vary based on your company's hiring needs, but if you have the process in place, it will save time when you need to flip the switch to ramp up recruitment efforts.

Use your team

Think of referral recruiting like viral marketing. Start with your closest circle of contacts and push outwards. Include employees in recruiting, tap into their networks, and empower them to get involved. Perhaps even create a culture of shared responsibility in hiring. "We are all recruiters who are responsible for our company's culture and growth."


If you have experienced the benefits of successful referral recruiting, you know that it is an investment worth making. If providing monetary incentives doesn't work for your company, then consider giveaways, tickets, swag, or something creative. Always acknowledge the referrer and promote success stories. People generally love to help make connections, but they love it more when they are rewarded!

Target your efforts

Consider initiating your referral campaign in specific forums, such as LinkedIn groups, professional associations, or local organizations. Posting ads can go unnoticed by passive candidates and potential referral sources, but asking for assistance in sharing opportunities will usually get attention and can shake some trees that you didn't even know existed.

Improve your 'share'

The success of referral networking or referral recruiting relies on people sharing something. Make sure that what you are asking people to share is worth sharing. Make it interesting, engaging, and most importantly—make it easy. Learn more about Dynamic Job Descriptions that are designed for referral recruiting.

Referral networking is often the best way to find talent. If you are doing it right, you might never have to advertise a job again!

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